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The company was founded on the principal of providing Asian production services to customers all over the world.  

Our primary business method of operations is provided a combination of services that can best support the needs of our customers/partners that want to take advantage of low cost production in Asia but do not have the resources to manage programs in person.  The services are selected based on the customers requirements, additional services can be added at any time to support the program needs.  Once the services have been identified we will assign a supporting staff and make the introductions to the team.  

We can qualify the suppliers for our customers based on our experience or work with your approved supplier.  All purchase orders are paid direct to the supplier, we are NOT a trading company.


In cooperation with your and our team we can decide which services fit your needs. Based on product and team there will be always a custom solution available. 

Centralized purchase

Even though we don’t buy the tools and parts ourselves, we can act as an extended arm of the purchaser here in China and bargain better prices by using the combined purchase value of all customers as leverage. This way even smaller customers and projects will get taken as serious as bigger ones by suppliers. Our team on site, can evaluate the capacity and financial stability and take this valuable information into account during the final bargaining stage and provide the best quotations for all customers.

Product design and prototyping

We design and analyze a product theoretically based on function, production-efficiency and other demand. As a second step, we can build prototype parts in varied difference material to simulate function and assembly.

  • State-of-the-art 3D printing
  • Prototype molding
  • Assembly- and factual test for prototypes
  • Goniophotometer
  • 3D scanning for reverse engineering
  • All processes and project can be integrated to customers and suppliers without delay
Export Molds: Tooling design, tool production and shipment

In case the mold will be integrated to the production in a different factory and country, the local standards need to be implemented very carefully in the design to guaranty a smooth production start within the demanded cycle time and quality demands.

  • Mold flow
  • DFM’s
  • Mold designs in 3D
  • CPK trial run
  • Pilot production run
  • Detailed mold inspection and report
  • Online management software
Injection molding / Production support

The work starts with the control of the quality and time schedule of the molds, over trials, adjustments to pilot runs and mass production. Our advanced project management is integrated to suppliers and customers.

  • Over tens of millions of parts and 400 molds produced in China per year. 98.6% on time delivery
  • Improve production stability, reduce scrap rate
  • Improve production efficiency, reduce cycle time
  • Improve packaging layout and implementation into the production line
  • Automation of production lines
Logistics and warehousing

Our logistics and warehouse team in Hong Kong can provide warehouse space and organize shipments by; sea, air,train, truck and express. With the growing amount of shipments, we can provide lower costs for the logistics demand of our customers.

  • Deliveries to more than 100 countries worldwide
  • Just-in-time and safety stocking programs offered
  • Air/Sea and Land
  • Train shipments from Asia to Europe
  • Ex -/ Import support
Reverse Engineering

With the growing demand for difficult parts we have built up a high-end QC department. We can quickly find out what we need to improve on the injection machine and what can be improved in the part- and tool design.

  • State-of-the-art 3D scanning
  • Scientific molding
  • Best Fit comparison – see 3D deviations between model and produced product
  • Recreate Solid 3D files based on real objects
  • Tactile and optical measurement methods
LSR - Liquid Silicon Rubber

LSR as a material provides many new options for product designs. We have worked with LSR in the past years and developed manufacturing systems to process LSR without material waste and shorter cycle times.

  • Cold runner systems with needle valves
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce waste
Risk Management / Recovery of Production

All companies can face trouble with suppliers. We have helped customers in the past with relocating production.

  • IP rights
  • Locating production facilities and their owners
  • Suppliers with financial problems
  • Uncooperative or incapable suppliers
Online Project Management Software

With our projects management system, your projects are secure and accessible from your computer or mobile phone 24/7.

  • See mile stones
  • Real-time updates
  • See time plans
  • Latest report
  • Reduce long email chains

Organization Chart


  • Featured
  • Automotive - 1
  • Automotive - 3
  • Construction
  • Designer Furniture
  • LSR- Liquid Silicone Rubber

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Automotive - 1

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Automotive - 3

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Design 1.1

Designer Furniture

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Designer Furniture

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Designer Furniture

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Designer Furniture

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Designer Furniture

Design 1.6

Designer Furniture

LSR 1.1

LSR- Liquid Silicone Rubber

LSR 1.2

LSR- Liquid Silicone Rubber

LSR 1.3

LSR- Liquid Silicone Rubber

LSR 1.4

LSR- Liquid Silicone Rubber

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